HOPE Crew Cleans Civil War Fort [video]

Fort Wadsworth is a former United States military installation on Staten Island in New York City, situated on The Narrows which divide New York Bay into Upper and Lower halves, a natural point for defense of the Upper Bay and Manhattan beyond. Prior to closing in 1994 it claimed to be the longest continually garrisoned military installation in the United States. Caring for these aging military installations has become an increasing challenge as older workers age out of the workforce. Recently, at the direction of lead mason Ken Follett, D/2 was used by the National Trust HOPE Crew for cleaning of the stonework on the landscape wall. The HOPE Crew is part of a unique program helping to bridge the gap between a declining workforce and maintenance needs. 

“HOPE Crew is one of the ways in which we are helping the National Park Service address its maintenance backlog,” said Monica Rhodes, executive director of the HOPE Crew program.

HOPE is an acronym for Hands-on Preservation Experience. The goal is to connect young people with historic landmarks while they get their hands dirty learning a trade.

Since its start in 2014, projects have been completed across the country – including in the Tri-State Area. Volunteers painted over graffiti at Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey, while at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, HOPE Crew members fixed up Building 26 post-Superstorm Sandy. Today, the HOPE Crew is using D/2, trusted by conservation professionals, to remove biological soiling from masonry at historic Fort Wadsworth's parapet walls. Wath the video beow to learn more and see D/2 in action.